New “Words.”

March 14, 2009

Mya’s vocabulary is starting to expand. Although she has not quite perfected a lot of the words yet, we are starting to understand what she is talking about when she repeats them back.

Quack – sounds more like cat with a -k- instead of a -t- (cak).

Thank you – sounds more like “tan -ou”.

The letter “W” – “da-da-ou”.

Drink – she says “ba-ba” for her cup or a drink, which is funny, since she has rarely used a bottle and has not used one in over a month.

Done – this word sounds correct and she uses it whenever she is ready to get up from her high chair.

Kitty – sounds like “itty”.

Book – she has the -b- down.

Hot dog – this word is only missing the -g- at the end.

Shoe – this word sounds correct.


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  1. Joyce Glatfelter Says:

    I’m still waiting for an important one….Grandma!!
    Grandma Glatfelter

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