First Christmas Tree and Cuban Dinner.

December 6, 2008

Mya headed out to the local tree farm, where she started the tradition of cutting down the family Christmas tree with her parents. Mya posed next to a baby tree and then wondered what Daddy was doing with the saw as he cut down the tree.

As the family headed home and just blocks from the house, the car died. This gave the family about two hours to get the tree home while they waited for the tow truck.

Mya then went out for her first Cuban meal. This seemed only appropriate, considering Mya is 1/8 Cuban herself. She ate some delicious chicken that Daddy raved over. Add some bread, rice and plantains, and Mya really ate well at dinner.

Guess who is 9-months old today!

2 Responses to “First Christmas Tree and Cuban Dinner.”

  1. Aunt Erin Says:

    Time to put the beers on the top shelf 😉

  2. shell Says:

    OMG! How freaking cute! I want a picture of her under the tree for christmas!

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